protop Gradle Plugin

The protop Gradle plugin makes it easier to use protop in Gradle projects. You still need protop installed and a valid protop.json, but the Gradle plugin simplifies the rest of your project's integration with protop.


The Gradle plugin is added as a buildscript dependency:

buildscript {
repositories {
dependencies {
classpath "io.protop:protop-gradle-plugin:<current version>"

Apply the plugin, and customize the options:

apply plugin: "io.protop"
protop {
useLinks = true
refreshGitSources = true

Add the protop path to your sources. Without this plugin, you'd do the same but with the raw path. Here, the plugin provides that value as a variable:

sourceSets {
main {
proto {
srcDirs += protop.path

Finally, have the Protobuf plugin depend on the protopSync task:

protobuf {
// ...
generateProtoTasks {
all().each { task ->
task.dependsOn { protopSync }

You can find an example of this in the Java implementation of a simple service from this tutorial.